• Fruit Growing Excellence in the North East

    Castleton Farm is a family run business owned by the Mitchells located in the heart of the Howe of the Mearns in south Aberdeenshire. The Mitchells have been growing fruit for over 20 years and are one of the biggest commercial growers in Scotland.


Castleton Farms geographical location in the north east of Scotland

  • Allows us to grow high quality sweet strawberries due to the long summer days and temperate climate.
  • Allows us to produce raspberries between the English peaks of their floricane crop and their primocane crop.
  • Allows us to pick blueberries later than anywhere in the northern hemisphere.

And we currently believe we are the only farm in the whole world that can pick fresh cherries in late September


Our fruit harvest covers a period of 8 months of the year

Quality you can rely on

All of our berries are chilled, packed and labelled in our custom built packhouse.

We supply many of the major supermarkets including Marks and Spencer and Tesco. We strive to produce high quality fruit, full of flavour to meet the high standards demanded by our customers.

Our fruit fields are the equivalent of over

football pitches

Castleton Fruit Farm is a key supplier to M&S and very much part of its local community

Andy Mitchell, Agronomist, Marks and Spencer